Tattoo Vanish:

  • All natural--FDA approved tattoo removal
  • The first all natural NON laser--NON acid removal of unwanted tattoos or permanent cosemetics
  • The product used is a safe SEA SALT and LEMON OIL solution.
  • This method called Tattoo Vanish removes unwanted tattoos and permanent make up in 75% fewer treatments than the Laser treatments.
  • Without harmful side effects such as: scarring (keloids)--hypo(darkening of the skin) pigmentation--Hyper(whitening of the skin) pigmentation.
  • Tattoo Vanish removes ALL colors including the discoloration caused or left behind from the laser treatments.
  • Tattoo Vanish may be performed on all skin types and colors. Unlike the laser method.

How It Works:

  • Tattoo Vanish is an all natural solution comprised of sea salt and lemon oil.
  • The solution is spread onto the pierced skin to be treated allowing it to be absorbed into the 2nd layer (dermis) of the skin.
  • At this point the solution begins to adhere to the tattoo pigments. Working together with the healing process of the lymphatic system.
  • The lymphatic system produces lymphatic fluid which has antibodies in it and begins to form a healing layer on the top layer of the skin.(epidermis)
  • The lymphatic fluid is the body's natural healing process. When this dries it then becomes a scab, This is the body's natural bandage.
  • The scab must be kept dry until it falls off. As in most scabs--time will vary for each individual.
  • Once the scab falls off the color of the tattoo or permanent cosmetic will be eliminated or lightened considerably.
  • This procedure may have to be repeated depending on the tattoo.

How To Get Started:

  • The desired way to get started is with a complete and thorough consultation--discussing the area to be treated.
  • Also acquiring a health history
  • Time involved and Cost


The pain involved is NOT as uncomfortable as : initial tattooing--laser treatments--or acid treatments.

Topical anesthetics are applied to the area prior to treatment to lessen any discomfort you may have.


This varies per individual's tattoo. However, the cost of the Tattoo Vanish treatment will be 75% less expensive than most laser treatments.

If this is a procedure that may offer you relief from an embarassing tattoo (gang affliation-or poorly drawn artwork)

You may text or call: Sharon or Michelle at 408 209-2165

You may also want to visit the main Tattoo Vanish website for a more extensive outline of this procedure.

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